Who You Are

You’ve probably taken time to ponder what career will best use your talents and abilities in the service of others.

You might do yoga.

Maybe you read Rumi.

You probably have heard of Pema Chodron, and perhaps you meditate… or flirt with the idea of meditation.

Maybe you like to listen to Tapestry on the CBC.

You’re open to naturopathic medicine.

You’ve probably taken a class or a course or read a book on personal growth. You probably notice news articles about self-improvement or psychology.

You may have already faced your own personal challenges – mental illness, physical injuries, broken hearts, breakdowns – that have led you to start searching for what will best support a healthy you.

You might wonder about how the “Universe” is playing a part in your life, and you might have a sense that somewhere out there is a power greater than humanity, whether or not that power shows up as God, the Universe, the Divine, the Sacred, Energy, Consciousness, or some other form that makes sense to you.

You might feel a little alone or shy, as if there are few people you can talk to about these ideas and questions right now.

You might have a lot of questions about what it all means, but you know that you don’t want someone to give you answers – you want someone to accompany you, make observations, point things out, and challenge you to go deeper as you search for the answers yourself.

I’d like to be the person who can accompany you on your searching and questioning.

As a coach, I help you go deeper, and I search with you for the transformation that you’re about to embrace.

Does this sound like you? Get in touch — I’d love to talk about working together.

Laura McGrath, CPCC, is a Toronto life coach who helps smart people to live from their hearts. Let's talk! You can subscribe to Ready for Change news to receive thoughtful notes on personal growth, and you can contact Laura to find out if coaching is right for you.