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The Wheel of Life – a tool from the Coaches Training Institute. The Wheel of Life invites you to look at your life from a holistic view.

The Professional Wheel – another tool from the Coaches Training Institute. Use it to assess your satisfaction with the different sections of your professional life.

DiY Perspective – a Do It Yourself guide to reflecting on your last six months and the six months to come.

Conversations for Processing an Event – prepared for processing the outcomes of the 2010 Toronto municipal election, but useful in many circumstances.

Coaching Tips #1-30 – Thirty coaching tips, from a weekly newsletter describing some of the theory and behind-the-scenes of coaching. Each week provides a tip for coaches (or those interested in coaching) to try, along with examples of how to put it into practice. Useful for aspiring coaches, or anyone looking for new ways to be in relationship.

Ready for Change newsletter – approximately bimonthly newsletter with thoughtful notes on personal growth, and news about products and events at Ready for Change. You can see past newsletters here.

Past Events

Loosening the Knots that Bind the Heart, June 2011

Two Hours of Perspective, 2010-2011 edition – January 2011

Two Hours of Perspective, Redux – June 2010

Party of Possibility – August 2009

Laura McGrath, CPCC, is a Toronto life coach who helps smart people to live from their hearts. Let's talk! You can subscribe to Ready for Change news to receive thoughtful notes on personal growth, and you can contact Laura to find out if coaching is right for you.