What Do You Really Want? Explore What Matters


Feeling like you’d like to figure some things out, but it’s hard to find the time and energy to do it?

Read on: you’ll be interested in the easy, four-week What Do You Really Want program. Contact me whenever you’re ready to begin — you’ll receive the first week of the program the following Monday.

I get it.

You spend lots of time running from obligation to obligation, and who has time to stop and think about what’s really important to them, what really matters, or what they really want out of life?

And then the next year or season rolls around, and you think “This time!” and hope to relax, reflect, and look at the big picture of what’s going on in your life… but somehow instead things just keep getting in the way.

Maybe you’ve thought about signing up for something like weekly coaching sessions (for sure that would help you think about the important things!), but it’s hard to find the time and you’re not sure you’re ready to make the commitment. I get it.

And yet. When are we going to think about what’s important to us, if we can’t spend some time on it now?

Perhaps you’d love an easy, homework-optional, no-appointment exploration of what you want in life.

Good news! Here’s what you’re looking for:

What Do You Really Want? Explore What Really Matters

photo credit: flickr user Ryan Wick

This four week program is an easy, stress-free course that won’t take up too much of your time (optional homework, no appointments), but gives you the little nudge you need to take a few moments to start reflecting on what’s most important to you and what you really want.

Every week you receive a coaching prompt in your inbox.

You’ll receive a question to explore, and suggested activities to complete.

(BUT — you don’t have to complete anything. You determine exactly how much time you want to spend on this.)

Each week’s prompt will build on the previous week’s, and each prompt will further your exploration of this big over-arching question:

What do you really want?

You don’t have to write back to your coach, or even share with anyone what you’ve explored.

(Of course, if you want to, you could always contact me to book a coaching session to talk it through!)

This is just for you, and just for your dreams of what you really want.

Each week you get thought-provoking inquiries, suggested activities, and examples of how to apply ideas. It’s like having a mini-session with a personal coach get delivered to your inbox every week!

Join in?

The program begins each Monday, so you can sign up whenever you want.

Contact me to enroll, and I’ll walk you through the easy next steps. You’ll receive the first week of the program the following Monday.


The cost for the program is $60.


Send me an email to sign up for the What Do You Really Want program.



Laura McGrath, CPCC, is a Toronto life coach who helps smart people to live from their hearts. Let's talk! You can subscribe to Ready for Change news to receive thoughtful notes on personal growth, and you can contact Laura to find out if coaching is right for you.