A Commitment to Yourself

One of my clients agreed to contribute some of her thoughts about coaching to my blog. Here’s what she had to say about what interested her in coaching in the first place, and what she has explored in coaching sessions.

What first interested you in coaching?

I’ve always viewed coaching as a commitment to yourself first and foremost. A commitment to knowing that you’re seeking out new opportunities, exploring challenges and getting to know yourself better. This commitment, taking this step, interested me because of the possibilities it would allow me to uncover, the positive frame through which coaching allows me to explore life, and the support and guidance of doing it with a coach!

Of all the ways to commit to yourself – to unlocking more of who you are – coaching seems like one of the best because of the potential it has to affect all aspects of your life – your relationships with others and to yourself, the goals you set and where you draw motivation from, and the way in which you want to conduct yourself in the world.

What are some of the topics you’ve explored in coaching?

A couple of the larger topics I’ve explored through coaching are seeking more balance in my life between work, school, and the rest of life, as well as exploring confidence and what it means to be more open and honest in my relationships.

It was really great to take on these topics through coaching because we took them on as short-term projects, spending some time exploring the issue, finding energetic directions to follow, and creating small and large epiphanies along the way. Rather than always trying to work though an issue alone, or just in my head, coaching was a way to bring it out into the world, explore through writing, brainstorming, creative projects like collages, and really great questioning that pushes my thinking and uncovers new possibility.

Who would you recommend coaching to?

Anyone who feels ready to make a commitment to themselves would be good for coaching. But I mean really ready to jump into the deep end, explore new waters and put some energy towards themselves, knowing, of course, that you’ve got someone there with you and you’re not going at it alone!