Risking Spring

The risk it takes to remain tight inside the bud
is more painful that the risk it takes to blossom.
Anais Nin

There is a dim possibility that spring is on its way. I saw a robin this morning, bearing its red breast to the world, and my front yard is starting to come alive with birdsong. I am aching for some green to appear – Toronto has been brown and grey for too long.

I am watching for flowers to blossom. And as we come out of hibernation, I’m paying attention to the blossoming of people around me. The warmer weather has put more smiles on faces. Wearing fewer layers has taken a load off our shoulders and we stand straighter. My street is an expressway of spring joggers on a weekend morning, and we’re all turning our faces up towards the sun, just like the flowers – the flowers that I know are going to be here soon, soon, soon.

Is there something true for you in Anais Nin’s quote about being trapped tight inside a bud? I know there is for me. I wonder: What have you been building around yourself to protect you through the winter? What’s the bud you’re wrapped up so tightly in now? What could you let go of in order to blossom?