Laura McGrath, CPCC

Laura McGrath, Toronto life coachI’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and personal growth enthusiast. I delight in being able to turn all the self-development work and learning I’ve done into an incredible menu of offerings to support others as they grow and change.

My approach is to mix and match techniques and methodologies to make the perfect recipe for working with you, for exactly what you need.

Read on for what I believe, how I work, and the training that informs my approach. If you’d prefer to listen instead of read, follow this link to listen to me talk about coaching, my approach, and who I work with.

What I Believe

I believe that our lives offer us endless opportunities to grow and deepen as human beings.

I believe that we can look at every challenge, every celebration, and every quotidian task as our own personal spiritual curriculum.

Through reflection, awareness, deep listening, and action, we will find right here – already present in our lives – everything we need to evolve our spirits.

You may be looking for a life coach because you are going through a transition, facing a decision, wanting to enrich your relationships, or noticing a lack of joy and purpose in your life.

Whatever you are facing, I will work with you to uncover the deep personal learning that your life is calling forth in you.

If you want to embrace your whole experience in a way that honours the soul, and if you want to make choices and take action from that soul-honouring place, then I’m the coach for you.

How I Work, and How I Don’t Work

First, let’s get out of the way what I’m not: I’m not a small business coach or a strategy coach or a financial coach. I’m not a fitness consultant or a productivity guru. I’m not a friend – I listen, but I don’t offer advice, nor do I tell you about the time the exact same thing happened to me. I’m not an advisor – I won’t tell you what to do, nor will I assume that I know what’s best for you.

What I will do:

I will support you in creating a vision of what you want.

I’ll speak hard truths when I see them.

I’ll help you look at things from different perspectives.

I’ll call you out when you’re avoiding emotion, and I’ll invite you to go deeper into what you’re feeling and its impact on you.

I’ll use my Gestalt training to illuminate patterns that put up barriers between you and the world around you.

I’ll use my background in Jungian psychology to explore archetypes and symbols in your life, and to inquire about what your dreams might have to say to you.

I’ll use my personal experience of mindfulness, meditation, and the transpersonal to bring a powerful, present awareness to our conversations, to draw on my intuition, and to notice synchronicities.

My Training

Here’s a sample of what I draw on:

Co-Active Coaching

I completed over 100 hours of classroom training and the six-month Co-Active Coaching certification program with The Coaches Training Institute. One of the foundations of co-active coaching is believing that everyone I work with is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. I adore this approach. My clients are not broken. They do not need “fixing”. They are beautiful, creative, resourceful people, and through working with me they can access even more of their power.

I coach using three co-active principles:

  • Fulfillment: How do you want it to be? What is a fulfilling life for you?
  • Balance: What are the perspectives and options you can identify and embody in order to live a conscious life of choice?
  • Process: What is it to embrace and fully experience who you are, where you are, the life you are living, right now? Even as the process has its ups and downs, its intensity and its lightness, its challenges and its celebrations?

Transpersonal Coaching

The transpersonal level goes beyond the personal – it is not the language of goals and tasks, but the language of transformation and personal discovery. It is the level at which we tap into the “higher self”, or what some might call the soul or the spiritual. I’ve been immersed in this process through my work at the Transpersonal Therapy Centre, and wrote about what it’s taught me here.

My transpersonal work draws on Gestalt psychology, imagery and intuition, metaphor and archetype, Theory U, visualization, and mindfulness. I’m a graduate of the three year training program in experiential psychotherapy at the Transpersonal Therapy Centre.

Much More

I also have an Honours B.A. from the University of Toronto (I studied psychology, anthropology, and linguistics), six months of a Masters, and a whole whack of education via professional training and ongoing learning. To see some of the training and readings that inform my approach, wander on over to Influences and Extras.


I’ve lived in — and been an avid CBC radio listener in — many of Canada’s provinces, but most lately home has been Ottawa and Toronto. My husband and I have recently welcomed a new addition to the family and we’re kept busy adjusting to our fabulous new roles as parents.

Laura McGrath, CPCC, is a Toronto life coach who helps smart people to live from their hearts. Let's talk! You can subscribe to Ready for Change news to receive thoughtful notes on personal growth, and you can contact Laura to find out if coaching is right for you.