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Do you feel like you could bring so much more of yourself into the world? And you wonder why you don’t, or why you haven’t yet?

Many of us are so used to “playing small” (that’s why it’s a cliche, after all). We’re used to censoring ourselves, not speaking up, letting things slide. We may even be used to waking up the next morning wondering why we didn’t speak our minds, didn’t take that action that totally would have led to a better outcome, or didn’t follow our own inner certainty.

In the most extreme, many of us are used to lives of quiet desperation (as Thoreau put it) — quietly choosing to silence or ignore our inner selves because connecting to and speaking those inner truths feels frightening… or just plain exhausting.

 The 6-month More of You coaching program is designed to bring more of you alive in the world. Our emphasis is on experiential, embodied learning that lets you access inner wisdom and inner tools. As you become familiar and adept with these tools and wisdom, you will start using them to guide your actions, to make decisions, and to start standing tall in your power.

Each month has a theme which we explore through experiential exercises in a one-hour coaching session. Later in the month, two half-hour coaching sessions help you integrate your learning into your life and your actions. You’ll leave every coaching appointment with homework we design together, so that you are immediately putting your learning into action and feeling more of you in the world.

(You can read on for more details, or if you’ve already decided this is for you, please get in touch.)

Here’s the journey you’ll travel on through 6 months to More of You:

Month 1: Accessing your Inner Leader, and discovering the inner cast of characters you can draw on to support you and guide you. The coaching techniques this month draw from guided visualization, adult learning, and Gestalt psychology.

Month 2: Exploring and articulating your life purpose. We use the power of metaphor, imagination, deep listening, visualization, and Jungian psychology to articulate the impact that you have on yourself, others, and the world around you. You’ll articulate your life purpose statement, and you’ll become aware of when your life is “on purpose” and how to live more of it that way.

Month 3: Identifying your values, and confronting your saboteurs. We’ll draw on your personal experiences and peak moments to identify the values you cherish and the values you want to live by. We’ll explore how you can use these values to make decisions and assess to what degree you’re living a value-guided life. Finally, we’ll pay attention to those negative little voices in our head that tell us things like, “You’re not smart enough / good enough,” “You might as well give up,” “You’ll never be able to do it,” etc., and we’ll develop ways to take the power out of their messages.

Month 4: Building a vision. You’ll now be halfway through the More of You program. You’ll have access to your inner leader and inner circle of support, you’ll have articulated your life purpose, you’ll have identified your values, and you’ll be familiar with the voices that tend to sabotage you. At this point, you’ll start building a vision for what you want your next five, ten, even twenty years to look like, and how you can start making immediate moves toward that vision.

Month 5: Adjusting and implementing. Our focus this month turns to techniques you can use to brainstorm, switch perspective, and move to action when you find yourself feeling stuck or stagnant. Once again, we draw on Gestalt psychology for inspiration on how to find our own inner resources to move us past stuck places.

Month 6: The power of story, and the power of celebration. In our final month, you’ll use the power of narrative to tell the story you want to tell. Where did your story start, what’s happened so far, and what is going to happen in your story going forward? You’ll take ownership of your story, and what that story requires of you. Finally, we’ll reserve our very last coaching session of the program to review, reflect, and celebrate how much More of You there is in the world now that the six months are complete.

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“Yes, this sounds like exactly the kind of program I’d love! I think I’m ready to sign up! But it would help me if you could answer just a few questions…”

How is this different from signing up for “regular” coaching with you?
Folks often come to “regular” coaching when there’s a specific goal or challenge (e.g. career change, making a difficult decision, sorting through relationship issues, examining a part of their personality they want to develop). The 6-Month program definitely has room available for you to explore a particular goal or challenge, but it’s designed more for someone with a general interest in self-awareness and personal growth. The program aims to give you a comprehensive, cohesive understanding of yourself and how you operate — a base that lays the foundation for you for the future, and that goes beyond any specific goal or challenge.

How much time is this going to take? Do I have time for this?
I sure want you to have time in your life for more of you, more of who you are, more of what you stand for, and more of your power!

Here are the time commitments for the 6-month program:

Each month of the program consists of three coaching appointments. The first appointment each month is one hour long, and the second two appointments each month are 30 minutes each. All appointments are done by phone or skype, so you don’t have to factor in any commute time or waiting time (I always start appointments on time!). After each appointment, you’ll have homework to help you integrate your learning into your life. But remember, we design the homework together, so you can pick and choose the kinds of homework that work with your schedule and your commitments.

What’s this going to cost?
The program is $300 per month, plus applicable taxes.

Remember, for that price you’re getting three coaching appointments each month, spread out in a way that allows you to deeply learn and explore a new concept, and then take action and implement that concept.

Can we get ready for More of You?

Are you ready to sign up? I’m so eager to meet you… and to meet more of you!

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