Discovery Tour


The Discovery Tour is one-on-one workshop: a package of three 90-minute sessions that take you through the coaching approach to understanding yourself and what you’re all about. Through these in-depth coaching sessions (along with custom-designed homework), you will connect you to your strong and wise inner self, create a map of your unique helping and hindering forces, clarify your values, and articulate your life purpose.

The one-on-one workshop rate is $300 for the entire Discovery Tour.

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Here’s where the Discovery Tour will take you:

Session 1 (90 minutes): Your Inner Self. You might relate to the idea of an Inner Self, Authentic Self, Wise Self, or Inner Leader — whatever words you use, it’s the idea of an inner voice that you can rely on to guide you. During this first session, we explore ways to connect to and listen to that inner voice, and to identify a crew of inner resources that you can draw on to support you.

Session 2 (90 minutes): Your Values and Saboteurs. Coaching clients often say that articulating and clarifying their values is one of the most useful parts of coaching: it helps them get clear about what’s important to them, and how their values can guide their decisions. In this session, we’ll explore your values, and also attend to the values-squashing inner saboteurs that get in your way.

Session 3 (90 minutes): Your Life Purpose. You’ll walk away from our final session with a culminating life purpose statement to guide you as you move forward. The coaching approach to life purpose tunes you into what your impact on other people is, and who you need to be to in order to have that impact. We package it up in a metaphor that resonates with you and compels you to act from your purpose.


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Questions and Answers:

How is this different from signing up for “regular” coaching with you?
In “regular” coaching sessions, folks sign up to address a specific goal or challenge (e.g. examining a part of their personality they want to develop, sorting through relationship issues, career change, making a difficult decision). We would then work together on a regular basis (usually two or three 45-minute sessions each month). In contrast, the Discovery Tour is a little more intense (three 90-minute sessions) and gives us latitude to dive in deeply so that you can better know and understand yourself — which will be useful for any goal or challenge you’ll face. You can start the Discovery Tour while keeping in mind a particular issue you want to work through, or you can start it with just the general intention to know and understand yourself better, and a curiosity about the coaching approach.

How much time is this going to take? Do I have time for this?
You’re signing up for three 90-minute sessions, to be completed within six weeks. Between each session, you’ll have some homework to complete — plan to spend an hour or so on the homework, although it’s really up to you how much time you’ll want to invest in it. The time invested pays off in your self-knowledge and self-understanding.

What’s this going to cost?
The Discovery Tour is offered as a three-part, one-on-one workshop. The cost for the entire workshop (sessions 1, 2, and 3) is $300 plus applicable taxes.

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