The Party of Possibility

“I could do anything, if only I knew what anything was.”

I’ve talked to a lot of people who have spent years absently wondering what “anything” is, but never getting around to answering the question. We’re busy, and it’s hard to set aside the time we think it’s going to take to figure out Something Big, like what we’re going to do with our life, and what our impact on the world is going to be.

I’m in love with this question this week: what’s my impact on the world?

my plan for possibility

planning my impact on the world

Rather than dodging the question, or assuming I’ll get around to it someday, I’m embracing it head on! I’ve invited a handful of people who know me well, representing many areas of my life, to join me this Thursday for a party of possibility, a collaborative brainstorm session to put together what all of us collectively know about me and my potential impact on the world. I’m full of excitement for the evening – and terrified at putting myself out there as the topic for strategic planning. And overwhelmed with gratitude to the people who are willing to explore this with me.

Do you know what your impact on the world is going to be? Post it in the comments!

Do you know a good way to figure out your life impact? Post that too!

Maybe you want to join us on Thursday? Email me.

Maybe you want to tell me what you know about the impact I should have – share your wisdom.

Or maybe you’re hoping I can help you plan your very own Party of Possibility? I sure can. Get in touch.

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