My Twitter Alter Ego

You know all that stuff about affirmations? About how if you tell yourself that you are successful, have your dream job, will fall madly in love, make lots of money, find that perfect house or apartment, have your soufflé turn out . . . if you keep telling yourself that all those things are reality, then they will become reality?

I’m never sure if I believe it or not. Sometimes I tell myself things repeatedly, hoping they’ll come true, but I usually feel a little bit silly when I try it.

This week I stumbled on a way that I could express, un-self-consciously, the future that I want to make reality. I imagined my ideal week in my ideal life, and I started a Word doc in which I wrote the Twitter updates my ideal self would write as she went about her week.


11:00am “sunlight streaming in my upstairs corner as I take an hour to meditate.”

6:00pm “just home from farmer’s market; cooking up organic dinner with red wine.”

It was a super fun exercise (if you try it, I’d love to hear how it goes!), and I actually learned a lot doing it. I learned that my ideal self meditates, does a lot of yoga, drinks a lot of red wine, hosts a radio show, coaches, writes, sets aside a corner of her house just for writing, and loves to spend an hour at sunset sitting on the porch reading a book. I also noticed that, despite her frequent twittering, she spends a lot less time online than I do now.

The big learning I took from this exercise was to realize how many of those “ideal” things are accessible to me right now. Even if I don’t host a radio show (yet!), I’m perfectly capable of going to a yoga class, spending sunset on my porch (once it warms up), coaching, writing, and restricting my online time. Funny, I can access a lot of my ideal self right now – which means that I’m going to go have a glass of red wine.

What’s your ideal self doing?

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  1. Laura, I just love this idea….maybe you could come up with a little tweek on it, and create for yourself (1) another twitter account like ‘bestselflaura’, (2) a set of auto-tweets that come from that account to you, with(3) various maybe even random things bestselflaura might say or be doing. Hey, I might even do that myself….

    I’m tickled by ways that we can use twitter to be/come who we are/will be…. I wrote about it on my own blog,, re: Tweeting ourselves like the person we want to be… maybe we can combine these two ideas and create a whole (-person) new way of twittering??

  2. Thanks for the comment and twitter follow, CV – nice article on your blog. I actually did create the alter account – there is an ideal Laura out there tweeting her way to reality – I love it. My favourite parts are when the ideal Laura tweets and my own tweets match up – let’s move towards more and more of that happening!

  3. Laura, should we all also follow the ideal Laura??(please answer something like: No need,this Laura is pretty great right now!, or Yes, but when she gets crazy, don’t tweet me about it!) Possibilities abound …